October 11, 2022

Adam Where Are You?

I have been preaching on the family over the last few weeks at our church at Center with this thought – Family Matters.

Why is the family so important and why does each one matter? Jimmy Evans with focus on the family says it best, “It is the cell that produces life for the social soul. When families are healthy and successful, society prospers at every level. When families are weak and torn apart, the foundation of every other human institution shake and eventually crumble. His and our culture today prove this point. Also proved is that nothing can replace the family designed by God – not the government, to schools, not redefining families, nothing.”

Families matter and that is why there is a bull's-eye on the family today with Satan, the world and the flesh taking direct aim at tearing down the family. This goes back to the very beginning with the first family in Genesis. God made Adam and saw that it was not good that he was alone. He made Eve and brought her to Adam, and He performed the first wedding as they became husband and wife.

Immediately they faced an attack as Satan came into the garden, both Eve and Adam fell in the battle and sinned against a Holy God. As a result, the curse of sin has passed on from Adam to every person from then until now according to Romans 5.

Once they sinned, Adam and Eve hid from God as He came to fellowship with them like He did every day. Therefore, God called out, Adam, where are you? It wasn’t that God didn’t know where Adam was, it was that God wanted Adam to know where he was. God is asking the question of us all and in the context of the family, He is asking, where are you?

Where is your family? Remember, there is not a perfect family, but God desires for our families to have the touch of Heaven on earth. Would this be true of your family or would say, bluntly, it is more of hell on earth right now. Here is the good news of the Gospel. There is not a family that is beyond His redemption and restoration.

Just like God did with Adam and Eve, He comes to where we are, and He desires to show us His grace. Yes, there was consequences to their sin, no doubt and there are for us too. But again, Romans 5 tells us where sin abounds, grace does much more abound. When we come to Him broken and seeking forgiveness, He extends His grace to us all and can restore an individual and a family back to health, peace, and joy.

As I write today, I do not want to minimize the pain for those who read this and what you are going through in your family. I do not want to say it will be easy or not come with work and heavy leaning into Jesus. I know a family has many, not just one and we can only do what we are supposed to do and trust the Lord for each member of the family to also lean into Jesus.

But I believe redemption can come into the family if just one, even you reading this today determines to answer God when He comes to where you are and calls your name. Respond to Him with humility and brokenness and receive His grace. God can use you to be a catalyst for your entire family.

I will go to my grave believing there is hope for every family and every person found in Jesus Christ and His grace.


Because of Jesus and His power to bring to life that which was dead, even a family. I have seen it my family and others. The Bible is vey clear, families matter not just to our enemies, but they matter to our great God and He is able to do what we cannot do.

As the old quartet song goes, "I can't take a heart that is broken and place back together again, but I know a man who can!" And His sweet name is Jesus!

Praying for each one that might read this today and for every family to know God’s grace and healing.

Pastor Michael