January 8, 2021

Begin the Year in God's Word

Had someone ask me about the Plan I use to daily walk through the Bible Plan I use, how I go about it.

Here is the plan I use!


Let me say first, I am so proud of you for taking this journey in God’s word! And know I am praying for you too! That God will speak to you and you will grow you in your walk with Him! God bless you!

Again, I don’t have it all figured out at all!! Still learning.

And remember, what works for me, may be different for others. But this is how God is leading me. 3 main things.

The When - when will you read your Bible

1.         Make it a priority. Set it in your planner, set it as an appointment for the day. It is the most important one you will have all day!

2.          Set a time that works best for you. For me it’s the early morning. That’s the model Jesus followed (Mark 1:35). But I am a morning person. If you are a night person, then take the time at night. Or maybe at lunch time. Setting the time is the most important thing!

3.          Find a place that is quiet and without distractions. As best you can! I know life is still busy, so do the best you can!

The What - tools that help you as you have your time in the word.

1.         Use a Bible you like and understand. You may be a KJV only and I fully respect that. But there are some good ones, Christian Standard, English Standard and also the New Living Translation. Use one that you know you will read!

2.          Bible apps are good and I use them, but having an actually Bible is good for this journey to read through the Bible. Here is why - you can mark it, circle words, underline promises and even put notes down. Then as you look back over the year, you can see your journey. And I promise, it’s ok to write in your Bible. A marked up Bible marks you!

3.         Have a notebook. Remember, a dull pencil is better than a sharp mind every time! You don’t have to Journal,  but put down what you feel God speak to you. I start with the Date each day, then write down the scripture. You need a notebook just for this journey!

4.         With this plan, as it skips to different sections of the Bible, by putting things down in a notebook or journal, you can go back and look at what you put down when you were in that section. For instance if Sunday was Romans 1-2 and then the next Sunday is Romans 3-4, by having a notebook you can allow your thoughts to “jog” your memory back in that place again.

5.         Download the Blue Letter Bible App. I know what I said before, but this is a study help not for reading per se. I use it every day. You can click a verse and it gives you the meanings of each word, scriptures that also speak to these verses and some commentaries. Like I said I use mine every morning. Here is the link:


6.         Print off the Bible Plan. Put it on card stock if you can to make it durable. It’s fine online, but printing it off allows you to check off the days and for me that is helpful! I feel a sense of progress when I check off each day!!

The How - how do I read each section and walk through the passages

•           Remember, this is how I do it. So many ways, most important is to do it. But here is how I try to do it each day.

1.         I keep my guide in my Bible. I look at what the passage is for that day, I check it off.

2.         I then take my notebook and put date down and then write the passages down (today I 1 Samuel 12-15, so I just wrote that down so I don’t have to keep looking at the guide)

3.         I then put down the chapter.

4.         Before I start to read, I pray, Lord please speak to me today. Point out to me what you want me to see. Remember, the Bible is not a normal book. It is the word of God, 2 Timothy 3:16 tells us it is the very breath of God! And the Holy Spirit will guide is!

5.         This guide is good for me because you are not reading straight through each day. It is broke down into specific sections of the Bible like history, gospels and prophets. This helps keep it fresh for me. So I just take the day of the week and that is what I read each day! Today, I did Tuesday and I was in 1 Samuel. Because I checked it off, I knew where I was! I know it’s OCD but helps me to check it!

6.          I then just begin to read. I try and go slow. One, because I got into a bad         habit in school to skim read and speed read. Two, because each word is important I need to go slow!! And third, it’s not a novel, reading for impact not speed!

7.         As I read, if something jumps out to me, I may circle a word (love, mercy, Grace, peace, forgiveness etc.) or I may underline a whole verse. I often circle promises. I have even put the date down by a promise basically saying, today I am believing this promise!!

8.          Then, I will just put down in my notebook whatever I feel God has said to        me in my heart. How did that verse I circle speak to me? Why did it speak to me? Write that down. Or I may write down, Lord I need this to be true of me. Or Lord, I failed in this truth, speak to me. I share any fears, burdens and how this verse spoke to me. Write down how it applies to you right now. Even write down an action step from what you read - someone to forgive, seeking forgiveness yourself or how can I bless someone! Or just give God thanks for what you are reading!

9.          Or maybe the whole chapter spoke, like when you do the Psalms, the whole thing may speak to you, write it down! It’s God’s word to you! I may see something different, but I am walking through something different. Same passage but God uses it to speak to us personally!

10.        Don’t worry if you think, this is crazy, others don’t see this. Don’t worry about others, whatever you feel God said in a verse, a passage or the entire chapter write it down. It actually connects with your mind when you write it down. Pretty cool huh!

11.        If the section for that day has several chapters, I usually put the chapters down in my notebooks. For instance, today with each chapter 1 Samuel 12-15, as I read each one I would put down as a heading - Ch. 12. Then if several verses or one verse really got a hold of me, I simply write down, v.12 and then here is what spoke to me or I did this morning v.15-20 and wrote what hit me. Hope they makes sense.

12.        Then, as I circle a verse or a word hits me or I want to see where else the Bible speaks on this, or maybe see a commentary. This is when I use the Blue Letter Bible app. Also, your Bible may have study notes, and references. Use those too. Just remember, the only part inspired is the part in the Bible!

I know this is more than anyone ever asked. But maybe it helps. Just a few things to close with! Here you go:

•           Remember, this is like spending time with someone. See it as that way. Like having coffee with a friend. And by the way, coffee helps!! 😀😀

•             If you miss a day, and you will. Life happens. You any have to go to work early, have a bad day or life just gets in the way. Don’t beat yourself up. God loves spending time with us as we read His word but He is not going to strike you down if you miss! And don’t let guilt cause you to stop. Just get back. Start where you are and just come back. Now don’t make it a habit, but don’t beat yourself up either. Just get back at it!

•           Pray before, pray during your reading and pray after asking God to help you live out!

You will not regret spending time in God's word! God will bless you in all you do.

Hope this helps!

Pastor Michael