December 19, 2022

Fear Not - A Christmas Message

Even during the “most wonderful time of the year” fear can find its way past the lights, the trees and the presents and land right into our hearts and rob of us of the joy of Christmas.

It does not have to be this way, in fact, one of the greatest messages coming from the account of the birth of Christ in scripture is fear not. Over four times these very words brought comfort to those with a troubled heart and a worried mind.

Walk with me in these moments so that we can hear these words that brought comfort over 2,000 years ago and can bring comfort to us as well.

The message came to three individuals: Zechariah, John the Baptist dad; Mary, the mother of Jesus, and Joseph, the husband of Mary. Then finally it came to a group of shepherds on a hillside that first Christmas night. For the three it was a single angel that spoke the words and for the shepherds it was a host of angels.

Time nor space will allow us to go into each account, but in reading each one we see that they had anxiety, fear, and inner turmoil. Partly because of the appearance of the angelic beings, I will give you that. But it was also the overwhelming thought of God’s Son coming and the part each would play. Which led to worry, anxiety of the how, why, and just flat panic of how it was all going to work out. They were wrestling.

Can you relate? Are you weighing out things in your mind, dealing with distress or inner turmoil. No matter what it is, the message of Christmas to these folks is the same for you and me, fear not.

If we are saved, we know Jesus as our Savior, but we also are human and as such we will face troubles and anxiety even at Christmas. But it does not have to be this way, as Christians we do not have to live and stay in those fears.

The message is clear – fear not! How could the angles promise this to these troubled souls in the first Christmas and for those of us living in Christmas 2022? Simple really. It was not a message of their power or a message of what they could do.

These angels pointing them to the one who can calm our souls and speak peace to our hearts. The one who would be born on that Christmas morning was none other than the Prince of Peace according to Isaiah 9. He alone came to give us peace with God and the peace of God.

Each time, the angel said, fear not, they pointed each one and us to a God who came near and who still comes near to us in our time of fear.

The message of fear not that comes at Christmas is all about Jesus coming to take away our fears and fill our hearts with His peace, His hope, His love, and His joy.

Do you know Jesus this Christmas? You can, if you will only trust Him as your Savior and you too can know peace with God.

And if you are saved, lean into the Prince of Peace this Christmas, fear not, He will come to you at the point of your fear and give you the peace of God!

I will never forget this simple thought. No Jesus, no peace. Know Jesus, know peace.

May you know the Prince of Peace this Christmas and hear Him say – fear not, I am with you!

From the Wilkes family to you and your family, Merry Christmas and God bless you all.

Pastor Michael