September 8, 2021

When They Saw the LORD

There is power in what you see and hear. Our eyes and ears are gateways to a road that lead right to our soul. If all you see and hear is negative, you guessed it, your soul will be filled with fear, doubt, worry, anger, and frustration.

Just take the average news cast on any network or news feed about our world: Covid, storms, floods, Afghanistan, and inflation. This does not include the things you see and hear in your world that can infect your soul.

Feel better already? Please keep reading I am going somewhere.

In John 20 we read of the disciples hold up in a locked room, the Bible says for fear of the Jews. John says, “Then the same day at evening, being the first day of the week, when the doors were shut where the disciples were assembled for fear of the Jews.” They had seen their master crucified on a cross, laid in a tomb, a stone rolled over the entrance. They had heard what the Jewish leaders had said they would do to his followers, and both had reached their soul and it caused them to lock themselves in room, full of fear.

How about you?

You may not be hiding out in a locked room, but I guarantee if all you hear and see is bad news, you too can start locking your self in and locking others out. Just withdrawing, scared of the unknown and uncertain of the future.

Thankfully the story does end there for them or for us. Because at the moment of their greatest fear, Jesus stepped into the locked room. And the next verse says, Then Jesus came, stood among them, and said to them, “Peace to you! Having said this, He showed them His hands and His side. So, the disciples rejoiced when they saw the Lord.”

That last phrase got to me – when they saw Lord. They found peace and joy when they saw the Lord. They no longer saw and heard just the bad news, they now heard the voice of Jesus say to them, peace to you. He goes a step further and He shows them His hands and His side to give evidence that He was the one that had died and was now alive.

Hearing the voice of Jesus and seeing the reality of His conquering death, brought their own souls up from the pit of fear and despair. When they saw the Lord. Sounds good preacher, for them. But for me, I have never seen Jesus and no way I can. By sight maybe this true, but by faith, this is never true.

Later in the chapter we read that Thomas had missed the Lord, so he was still full of fear and doubt. The following Sunday Jesus showed up again.

This time, Thomas saw Jesus and said, “my Lord and my God.” Jesus said, “Thomas because you saw, you believe. But Thomas, blessed are those who have not seen but believe.”

Jesus was speaking of those of us who were not there that day, but with eyes and ears of faith we see the Lord!! We are saved by grace, through faith, faith in Jesus! By faith we saw Him when He saved us, has kept us and will one day carry us home.

We have heard and seen Jesus step in, victorious over everything we are afraid off and speaking peace to our troubled hearts.  Just like them that day, Jesus can step into our situation and we too, like them, can rejoice when we see and hear the Lord.

Here is a question dear reader, do you know Jesus as Savior and Lord? If not, call upon Him for salvation today. By faith, believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. Look with eyes of faith and hear with ears of faith Him calling your name and His love and desire to save you.

For those who are saved, call out to Him today. See him today, step into your locked heart and speak peace and by faith, cast your eyes on the risen Savior, Jesus Christ. And you too will rejoice when you see the Lord.

Pastor Michael