Jan 19, 2021

Peace for a Troubled Heart

I sense among God’s people troubled hearts. Of course, who could blame anyone at this point – just a pandemic, election, people sick close to us, schools closed and many churches having too

Jan 15, 2021

Rumors, Fears and False Prophesies

We have carried some things into the new year. I like what someone posted this meme recently. It kind of says it all huh. One of the issues that has carried over is

Jan 12, 2021

When You Pray

I recently shared some thoughts about the importance and the priority of spending time daily in God’s word. The same is true about prayer. Prayer and the reading of God’s word

Jan 8, 2021

Begin the Year in God's Word

Had someone ask me about the Plan I use to daily walk through the Bible Plan I use, how I go about it. Here is the plan I use! http://www.bible-reading.com/

Jan 7, 2021

I Will Trust and Not Be Afraid

I Will Trust and Not Be Afraid “I will trust and not be afraid.” These words from Isaiah 12 are a promise from God that He brought to my heart in the middle

Jul 4, 2020

A Christian Patriot

A Christian Patriot

Do the above words go together? A Christian is someone who has trusted in Jesus alone for salvation and seeks to follow Him.  A Patriot is someone who loves and supports his or

Jun 20, 2020

Lessons I learned from my dad

Lessons I learned from my dad

Lessons I Learned from my Dad It is Father's Day weekend. For me as a dad, also thinking about my dad and all of the men out there, I am grateful to be

Jun 12, 2020

Heal Our Land

Heal Our Land

My heart is heavy. The headline on the news this morning was, America in Crisis. This is evident in the pain, heartache, unrest, and violence on top of a pandemic we continue to